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Logical Reasoning 1

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following informationcarefully and answer the given questions.

Study the following information and answer the following questions.
A, B, C, D, E, G, and I are seven friends who study in three different standards namely 5th, 6th, 7th such that not less than two friends study in the same standard. Each friend also has a different favourite subject namely History, Civics, English, Marathi, Hindi, Maths and Economics but not necessarily in the same order.
A like Maths and studies in 5th standard with only one other friends who likes Marathi. I studies with two other friends. Both the friends who study with I like language (here languages include only Hindi, Marathi and English).
D studies in 6th standard with only one person and does not like Civics. E studies with only one friend. The one who likes history does not study in 5th or 6th standard. E does not like languages. C does not like English, Hindi or Civics.

1. Which combination represents E's favourite subject and the standard in which he studies?
(1) Civics and 7th
(2) Economics and 5th
(3) Civics and 6th
(4) History and 7th
(5) Economics and 7th

2. Which of the following is I's favourite subject?
(1) History
(2) Civics
(3) Marathi
(4) Either English or Marathi
(5) Either English or Hindi

3. Who amongst the following studies in 7th standard?
(1) G
(2) C
(3) E
(4) D
(5) Either D or B

4. Which of the combination is definitely correct?
(1) I and Hindi
(2) G and English
(3) C and Marathi
(4) B and Hindi
(5) E and Economics

5. Which of the following subject does G like?
(1) Either Maths or Marathi
(2) Either Hindi or English
(3) Either Hindi or Civics
(4) Either Hindi or Marathi
(5) Either Civics or Economics

1 (3)
2 (1)
3 (1)
4 (3)
5 (2)

Friends  Standard Subject
A         V       Maths
B         VII     Hindi/English
C         V       Marathi
D         VI      Economics
E         VI      Civics
G         VII     Hindi/English
I         VII     History

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  1. according to your hint marathi is studing in 5 as well as I friend also

  2. Answer to Question no 1 is incorrect cause (D studies in 6th standard with only one person and does not like Civics).Answer is 6th and Civics for E