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Data Sufficiency Elitmus Problems

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A data sufficiency question has a question followed by two statements. You will be expected to answer if the information provided in the statements is sufficient to answer the question.

Four Choices

Your answer will be
   (A) statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question

   (B) statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer the question

   (C) both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is        

   (D) each statement alone is sufficient

Question: In which year was Rahul born ?
  1. Rahul at present is 25 years younger to his mother.
  2. Rahul's brother, who was born in 1964, is 35 years younger to his mother.
A.     I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient

B.     II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient

C.     Either I or II is sufficient

D.    Neither I nor II is sufficient

E.    Both I and II are sufficient

Answer:   Option E

From both I and II we find Rahul is (35-25)=10 years older than his brother,if brother born in 1964 then he was in 1954 

 Practice more. The more time you spend practicing data sufficiency questions, the better able you will be to internalize the tips and strategies given above. You will also become very comfortable with the type of questions from this portion of the test, and will quickly realize if there are any math areas, such as geometry or algebra where you need to brush up your skills. When it comes time to sit for the CAT, you will want to know key math formulas and data relationships off the top of your head.

Some suggestion

1.) Read the question carefully.
2.) Determine what information is needed to solve the problem.
3.) Look at each of the two statements independently of the other. 
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