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Elitmus versus Amcat: Better Choice for Freshers?

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Hello friends, I am going to compare two most famous company for freshers job employability test. These companies provide freshers job opportunities based on the marks and percentile scored by the individual in the respective test. I have experienced both of the platforms.Hence, I would like to compare with no. of calls I got and the chances of getting selected as if you’re an average student. Okay so let’s compare both of the companies on the following criteria:
1) Cost of the Test and Difficulty Level of the Test:
Elitmus: It costs Rs 920 /- per test and test score valid for 2 years and the difficulty level is higher compare to Amcat. The test pattern is simliar to CAT.
     AMCAT: It is not compulsory to take Amcat Test to get the interview call. For example: Congnizant and HCL had many times provided direct link for the registration without asking for AMCAT Ids. Although I took the test and it costs Rs 900/- per test and test score valid for 3 years. The difficulty level of test is average but it has vast no of subjects available unlike CAT pattern of Elitmus. 
2) No of Interview Calls and Chance of Getting Selected
      Elitmus: Almost 90% of the companies call depends on your percentile scored in individual sections. You will get lot of interview calls if you have good percentile. So you have to score good to get interview calls. Some companies do call with low percentile but it would happen once or twice only. Chances of selecting in the interview totally dependent on the Company you’re going for the interview. But as per my experience it is very low.
      AMCAT: Here also the same case , score good marks and get interview calls. But you can still get lot of interview calls without scoring excellent marks. Chances of selecting in the interview totally dependent on the Company you’re going for the interview.
3) Salary Offered and Job Profile:
     Elitmus: In Elitmus most of the companies offer good range of salary. But most of them requires candidates from premium institutions and higher percentiles. Most of the companies provide good job profile especially in the field of Software Developer.
    AMCAT: As per my experience there has been lot of very low salary offering companies in AMCAT. But They also have companies providing the good job profile with good salary package. But it totally depends on the hiring company to call the candidates , so most of the time they prefer only premium institutes students.
4)  Average No of Selections
     Elitmus: It is reality that 80% of the candidates give Elitmus test to just get call from Accenture. There has been record breaking selection in Accenture through Elitmus. It was like 1500+ got selected out of 1800.
     AMCAT: If you get call for interviews through AMCAT , there has been good chances of getting selected. But it is totally dependent on the job profile and company. Like Accenture in Elitmus, Cognizant and HCL has been mass recruiter in AMCAT.
Since most of the companies in Elitmus provides good salary package and good job profile, the chances of cracking the interview is hard whereas in AMCAT companies with good salary package and job profile are there but there would be lot of low salary package with many kind of job profile companies, so chances of getting selected is good in here. But it’s your call you just want the job or you want a good job. In my experience even company offering less salary too tough to crack. For example, for salary package of 1.8 LPA and job profile as Tester Moolya selected only 4-5 candidates out of 400+ through elitmus and also amcat. This is my experience and yes I may be wrong at many places in this blog but this is just what I went through my unemployment period. So just don’t only think about scoring good percentile but also consistently prepare for interviews. Hence If you are a fresher looking for a good job you must apply for eLitmus as well as for AMCAT.

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